Stacey Palfrey

Posted on 10 Dec 2021

Tips for a Winning Rental Application

It's no secret the current Perth rental market is highly competitive; some are even calling it a rental crisis.

With less than 1% of Perth's rental properties currently available to rent, there is a rental shortage and tenants are finding it difficult to secure their next home. 


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Have you been attending countless rental viewings, only to find dozens of other eager renters?


Have you been applying for rental properties; without success? 


We understand the stress many Perth renters are facing. So, how do you make your rental application stand out? That's where we come in, learn how to prepare your rental application and secure a rental quickly in the current, fast-paced Perth rental market.


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Property Managers see dozens of rental applications, so to help your application stand out from the dozens, check out our top tips;


✅ Thoroughly complete ALL sections of the rental application form and submit this as soon after the rental viewing as possible.


✅ Supply copies of your identification (100 points).


Rental reference from your current landlord/managing agent. Obtain a written rental reference if possible.


✅ Provide a tenancy ledger showing regular rental payments history (request this from your current property manager). 


✅ Ask your current property manager for a copy of your last 2 – 3 routine inspection reports and include this with your application. 


✅ Do you have a pet? Request your current landlord/property manager to write a short reference for your pet. Even consider including a favourite photo of your pet!


Employment details, payslips and any additional supporting documents to show your regular income to fund the rent payments.


✅ Include as many supporting documents as you can.


✅ Be flexible with the lease start date.


✅ Consider writing a short cover letter including a bit about you, your pets (if any), the other applicants and any additional information that may be relevant.


✅ Remember to notify your rental referees that you are applying for a new rental property to ensure they are aware and prepared to provide the reference.


The more information you can provide, the stronger your rental application will be, and the more it will stand out to the property manager.


Good luck in your property search!


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